Terminal Server file type associations

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Terminal Server file type associations

Post by cheex » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:10 pm

Hi All,
New to the board. Hope you guys can help.

Without going into too much detail.
We have office 2k3 installed on a terminal server (win2k3 server STD) we need to have excel installed in order to use some of the comm commands to generate e-mail attachments but we would like all .xls docs to open in excel viewer, not full excel.

I have done a lot of readon but cant seem to force .xls files to open in viewer for all users. I can do it for myself (right click on file and change) this is only "current user" i need all users.

I have looked in the following registry key
---> .xls
---->OpenWithList ---------> xlview.exe

Still files open in full excel.
Now i have not restarted the server as it is in production and i know i probably should after making reg changes but before i schedule server downtime i would like to be sure i'm barking up the right tree.

What are your thoughts guys.

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