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WSUS Questions

Post by ManU » Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:09 pm

Q1: Does the user need to be local administrator to accept the patch once this is donwloaded?
Ans: No, no-admin users can also receive the updates.

Q2: Once I accept the patch from WSUS WHEN is the patch going to be donwloaded to the computers? Is there anyway to know about that?
Ans: Update will be download when the clients communicate with WSUS server. Downloading information will stored in %windir%windowsupdate.log on the client.

Q3: If the computer is turned off what happen with the patches are they going to be downloaded to the machine when it gets back online?
Ans: The downloading process will be continued when the client started.

Q4: Are there any regular download cycles for the machines to download the patches?
Ans: The default detection interval is 22 hours, you can adjust it in group policy - Computers configuration - Administrative Template - Windows Component - Windows Update - Automatic Updates Detection Frequency.

Q5: Is there anyway to force the cylce to happen so the machine will contact the WSUS server?
Ans: Running "wuauclt /detectnow" on the client will force the machine contact with WSUS server.
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