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Windows Deployment Server

Post by DanGil85635 » Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:34 am

Does anyone know of a good KB article that explains how to configure a client to automatically connect to the WDS server and start the image download?
During the client install process, you depress the F12 key after the client has found a DHCP server. After the F12 key is despressed the client downloads the boot image and begins the operating system install process.
I am looking for a good KB article to explain how to totally automate the WDS process. I am trying to automate the process so no one needs to be present for the F12 key. Any ideas?


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Re: Windows Deployment Server

Post by ManU » Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:45 pm

Hello DAN,

Thank you for writing in my forum. I will try to help out you to find a solution to completely automate the WDS process. Through my web studies, I am very close to a solution for you

A fully automated experience of booting from the network, it is necessary to set the network as the first boot device in the client’s BIOS. This will avoid the requirement of the F12 key.

If you combine the following two configurations, the client will automatically boot from the network without requiring user intervention, and the computer will end up in a circular loop (always booting from the network and never booting from the hard disk drive).

Always configure the hard disk drive as a higher priority than the network.
To enable a computer that already has an operating system installed to boot automatically from the network (for example, when reprovisioning a computer), disable any active partitions before rebooting the computer to initiate the network boot.

Configure clients who have booted to perform an install without F12 to require a key press on subsequent boots.
To do this, run wdsutil /set-server /resetbootprogram:yes

(Windows Server 2008 only) For unknown computers that are configured to boot from the network before booting from the hard disk drive, set a *.com network boot program for the server default and run WDSUTIL /Set-Server /AllowN12ForNewClients:Yes.
This will prevent a boot loop if the booting client performs an operating system installation by using Windows Deployment Services, and the client computer is configured to join a domain (which is the default). To set the default for the network boot program, right-click the server in the Windows Deployment Services MMC snap-in, click Properties, and on the Boot tab, insert the path to the network boot program you want to use for each architecture.

Hope this description will help you out..
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