Collection of terms used in today’s Vsphere Virtualization..

VMWare Virtual Machines
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Collection of terms used in today’s Vsphere Virtualization..

Post by ajeshjs » Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:57 pm

I thought that if I put a post trying to regroup all those terms, it would help some people to learn a little bit more about Vsphere in general. Feel free to add some more in the comment section. I can do an update later…

ESXi server – The hardware on which the VMware vSphere Hypervisor is loaded and running.(Latest Vsphere5.0)
vCenter – Centralized control and visibility for multiple ESX/ESXi hosts. Necessary for most advanced features of vShpere.
SMB - Small & Medium Business
SRM - vCenter Site Recovery Manager
VM – Virtual Machine.
Vmware Tools - a set of drivers installed in each VM Guest OS.
VMDK – Virtual Machine Disk.
VMFS – Virtual Machine File System.(VMFS1 was used by ESX Server v1.x, VMFS2 is used by ESX Server v2.x and (in a limited capacity) v3.x, VMFS3 is used by ESX Server v3.x and vSphere (4.x)), VMFS5 is going to used by Vsphere5.0)
vmkernel – Core management component of the ESX server system.
DRS – Distributed Resource Scheduler, this is enabled on a cluster.
SDRS - Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler is probably one of the best and one of the coolest new features that comes with vSphere 5
HA – High Availability.
Vmotion – A means by which the virtual machine can be moved from one ESX server to another without any downtime.
SVmotion - Storage VMotion, Moving Running virtual machine from one datastore to another datastore.
EVC - Enhanced VMotion Compatibility, which simplifies VMotion compatibility issues across CPU generations. EVC automatically configures server CPUs with Intel FlexMigration or AMD-V Extended Migration technologies to be compatible with older servers.
FT - Fault Tolerance, Enabling FT provides zero downtime, zero data loss, and continuous availability for your applications
DPM – Distributed power management, With DPM you can save as much as 40% in electricity costs as well as all the other benefits of using virtualization. Which works as part of DRS.
Vmware Convertor - Utility used to perform P2V,V2V.
P2V – Physical to Virtual conversion
V2V - Virtual to Virtual Conversion
iSCSI – Internet Small Computer Serial Interface.
IQN - Iscsi Qualified Name
LUN – Logical Unit Number, what the server sees as a single disk resource.
Fibre Channel – An ANSI-standard, gigabit-speed network technology used to build storage area networks and transmit data. Fibre Channel components include HBAs, switches, and cabling.
RAID – Redundant Array of Independent Disks.
RDM – Raw device mapping, a special type of storage disk where ESX controls disk access.
Spanned Volume - A dynamic volume spread across number of extents
Volume - a disk volume / a logical storage unit.
SAN – Storage area network.
SCSI – Small Computer Serial Interface.
Mutltipathing/Failover - Allows you to use more than 1 path, offers failover & redundancy
NAS - Network Attached Storage, Esx uses NFS on NAS
NFS - Network File System, a file sharing protocol used with Esx Server ( and Unix/Linux)
VCB – VMware Consolidated Backup enables LAN-free backup of virtual machines from a centralized proxy server.
VI/Vsphere Client – Virtual Infrastructure Client, a browser-based management access point.
VI – Virtual Infrastructure
vmnic - Vmware NIC, Physical NIC in the server - not a virtual NIC
vSwitch - Virtual Switch
vDs - vNetwork Distributed Switch
vCLI - vSphere Command-Line Interface
VCP - Vmware Certified Professional
VCAP - Vmware Certified Advanced Professional
VCA-DCA - Datacenter Adminstration
VCA-DCD - Datacenter Design

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