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Virtual Server

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What is Virtual Server?
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 is Microsoft's implementation of a virtual server platform allows you to create several virtual computers (known as virtual machines) that run on it independently. A virtual server allows you to have multiple operating systems running simultaneously.

Virtual Server is that it is a free download from Microsoft: ... fault.mspx
Main benefits of Virtual Servers
One of the biggest goals of a network administrator is to save money, provides a single point of centralized management, reduces total cost of ownership, and reduces network complexity.
Using Virtual Server allows you to combine the role of a legacy application server with more up-to-date hardware by putting the legacy applications on a separate virtual machine.

Efficient Manageable Security Security is perhaps the biggest concern. When your organization requires the use of servers with multiple roles, segmenting those roles onto different virtual machines on a single physical machine provides a lot more security options.

Virtual machines you create can be completely separate from your production network. This means that you can create several virtual machines and even virtual networks that you can use for test purposes.

Virtual Server Administration
Administration of your Virtual Server is done through the Virtual Server administration website. The address to reach this site is displayed on the installation summary web page during installation. You can also access it via the Start Menu under Programs > Virtual Server > Virtual Server Administration Web Site.
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