Forwarding Email With Exchange 2007

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Forwarding Email With Exchange 2007

Post by ManU » Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:53 pm

Forwarding Email With Exchange 2007

I had the situation where a client needed to have their email forwarded from their Exchagne 2007 Mailbox to their newly created yahoo Account. They will be using the yahoo account as their primary email account because they work outside. I created a New Mail Contact on the Exchange 2007 Mailstore and followed the remaining ways to achieve my goal

Open up the Exchange Management Console > Click on the Recipient Configuration Node. Then from the Actions Pane on the Right click on “New Mail Contact” Select New Contact and click next, Choose the Organizational Unit for the contact and fill out the appropriate fields. Then in the External Email Address box click Edit and enter in the SMTP Address of the external email address, click Next and then Finish.

Now you have a new mail contact set up we can then forward the mail from the Exchange 2007 Mailbox to that mail contact.

From the Exchange Management Console go to the Recipient Configuration > Malbox Node and find the mail box for which you would like the mail forwarded from, right click and select properties. Under the Mail Flow Settings Tab select Delivery Options and then Properties.

Place a tick in the “Forward To” Box and then click Browse. Find the Mail Contact that you just created and click OK. There is anopther option that you can enable and that is to Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox. Put a tick in there if you would like to enable that.
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